Navception enhances the WordPress menu system by allowing you to embed submenus in menus

Picture the following scenario: You have several menus on your website, and those menus have one submenu repeated across the board. With a fresh install of WordPress, you have to build that same submenu for each and every menu you put on the website. If that doesn’t give you thoughts of carpal tunnel, imagine you need to add a new link to that submenu, after you finished building all the submenus! You now have to edit every single menu on your site and hope that you didn’t miss one.

With Navception, all of that pain and suffering is washed away with three easy steps:

  1. Install Navception from the WordPress Plugin Directory
  2. Build your submenu in the WordPress menu editor
  3. Add that submenu as a menu item to as many menus as you desire

Now go back to the aforementioned scenario, but with Navception installed! You create the submenu once. You update that submenu once! You no longer have to worry about missing an update in any of your many menus, because the submenu is referenced from one originating menu.

So head over to the WordPress plugin directory and install Navception. You’ll be putting menus inside of menus in no time!

Navception Received a 5 Dragons Rating on the WordPress Plugins from A to Z Podcast!

Listen to episode 130 of WordPress Plugins from A to Z, where John Overall explains the use and usefulness of Navception.